A Guide to the Ethereal Plane (AD&D Planescape) by Bruce R. Cordell PDF

By Bruce R. Cordell

ISBN-10: 0786912057

ISBN-13: 9780786912056

In the airy airplane, demiplane islands and creatures either ordinary and hazardous flow in an unending box of risk. Canny parents comprehend that the airy additionally leads easy methods to the interior Planes, limitless arenas of elemental fury. See, it is greater than only a backdrop to different adventures - the airplane itself bargains ask yourself and chance for people with braveness sufficient to discover its unlimited expanse.

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It closes them at sundown. Anyone is welcome, free to peruse the religious wares and services offered inside. The agora provides all types of religious paraphernalia for devout and secular needs. All proceeds in gold go to support the Bastion, while payment in favors is compensated with spells. Favors can never be exchanged for gold or objects in the agora, only for priestly spells. See the lists of goods and services available in the agora below. Father Netherby runs the agora, though common customers deal with his aide, Mother Abbna (human female P4 of Heironeous).

CL*w . . . . . . . ' " " . . " . " " . " . . - cost f 300 f20 f10 f20 f300 f 300 f 100 f 50 f 40 f80 f 160 f10 f20 f50 f 50 f50 f300 f 500 f10 f 50 f10 I healing It's a commdn sight in the public chapel: A company of worn, weathered, dnd wounded adventurers appears on the steps, desperate for healing, and in some cases, the raising of a comrade severed from life. Unless the party is interrupting Homily or a divine holiday service, they are usually tended as quickly a possible. Mother Aman ushers those in need of healing to a peaceful anterood.

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