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By Brian R. James

ISBN-10: 1370134533

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The definitive timeline of the Forgotten Realms(R) campaign.

The Grand historical past of the Realms chronicles the wealthy heritage of the Forgotten Realms crusade environment, featuring an in depth timeline followed through essays from Elminster of Shadowdale and different Realmslore specialists. even though now not a online game complement, it serves as a convenient reference advisor for avid gamers and Dungeon Masters looking details on particular ancient occasions. furthermore, the ebook positive factors an unique Forgotten Realms brief tale by way of best-selling writer R.A. Salvatore and new revelations for Realmslore aficionados.

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The cavern ceiling, temporarily unsupported by stone or magic, collapsed, burying more than two-thirds of the enclave. Attendant blasts of magic vaporized much left uncovered by the debris, along with the residing wizards. 6] -338 DR (Year of Guttering Torches) ž (-1370 NR ) The Bey of Runlatha and the dwarves of Ascore lead Netherese refugees from Runlatha to safety through the underground passage known as the Lowroad. The refugees migrate farther westward, hoping to found a new realm to the west of Delzoun.

Sword Coast North) [177380000] -331 DR (Year of Shadows Fleeting) ž The elf armies of the Coronals Tannivh of Cormanthyr and Connak of Rystal Wood finally break the greater defenses of the Twisted Tower and destroy all remaining drow slavers within the tower. The Tower is left in the hands of good dark elf allies, and it is a great temple to Eilistraee within a century. The Soldier's Blade is lost during this great battle, captured by the drow in their slaying of Lord Orym Hawksong during the fall of the Twisted Tower.

Serôs) [TSR11393] -780 DR ž The Kraken Gambit: Coronal Vaeqiis II desperately allies with two kraken to shatter the Four Arcana of Humbar, the peaceful morkoth magocracy. The few survivors of this offensive dive into deeper waters, away from Aryselmalyr's persecution. (Serôs) [TSR11393] -777 DR ž End of the Fifth Serôs War: With the deaths of her two kraken allies (whom many suspect controlled her for quite some time, despite Vaeqiis' beliefs) and herself, the Fifth War ends. The main casualties are the Arcana of Humbar and the shalarin kingdom of Es'krin.

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