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By Lyndy Abraham

This dictionary files alchemical symbolism from the early centuries advert to the late-twentieth century, to be used by way of historians of literary tradition, philosophy, technological know-how and the visible arts, and readers drawn to alchemy and hermeticism. each one access encompasses a definition of the emblem, giving the literal (physical) and figurative (spiritual) meanings, an instance of the logo utilized in alchemical writing, and a citation from a literary resource. There are fifty visible photos of photo woodcuts, copperplate engravings and painted by hand logos, a few reproduced the following for the 1st time.

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Then, 45 comunctio when all became Earth, they called their Work Congelation; and when White, Calcination’ (zc, 73). The congealed white mass of matter which appears at the albedo is sometimes referred to as the *pearls of the opus. Andrew Marvell’s ‘On a Drop of Dew’ uses the metaphor of distillation and the cycle of dissolution and congelation to describe the changes occurring to the *dew-drop: ‘Such did the Manna’s sacred Dew destil; / White and intire, though congeal’d and chill. /Congeal’d on Earth: but does dissolving, run /Into the Glories of th’ Almighty Sun’ (lines 37-40).

Dastin wrote in his Visio: ‘The thing whose head is Red, feet White, and eyes Black, is the whole Mystery’ (in f c , 11). And Trithemius stated that ‘The Colours are 44 only Three, the others that come are called the middle Colours, that vanish away: But the Black, White, and Red, are Eminent and Lasting Scenes’ (zc, 80). In Zoroaster's Cave (1667), the citrine stage is still included. The colours are linked to the four main alchemical processes and to the ‘ four elements: ‘Dissolution begets blacknesse.

One of the central images of Christianity which has been given an alchemical interpretation. Christ the Cornerstone or filius macrocosmi was identified with the all-healing ‘ philosopher’s stone which could cast out all corruption and confer immortality. Basil Valentine wrote: ‘I promised to communicate to you a knowledge of our Corner Stone, or Rock, of the process by which it is prepared, and of the substance from which it was already derived by those ancient Sages’ (h m , 1:315)see putrefaction.

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